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Backstage Services and rates

Backstage Tanning Services & Rates

Backstage Tanning is big on saving money! We want to give you the best prices in town! From bulk packages to wedding parties, we offer a variety of options to choose from to fit your tanning needs.

A single tan is $35.00, this includes the tan and driving costs all in one!

Three (3) tans for $75.00- This special allows you to save $30.00! All 3 tans must be used by the same individual and are valid for 1 year from purchase.

Tanning Parties - You've all heard of jewelry, Tupperware, and skin care parties. Tanning parties work in a similar manner, but better! Tanning parties provide large discounts to everyone involved, especially the host! A tanning party must consist of at least 4 individuals not including the host. If there are 4 or more guests, each guest pays $25.00 for a spray tan. If the quota of 4 guests is met, the host will receive his/her tan for FREE! That's a combined savings of at least $75.00! (If the host is unable to meet the 4 guest minimum each guest and host will receive $5.00 off making the cost $30.00 each). All guests must be present at the time of the party to be counted as part of the party, and receive the party price.

Wedding Special - Weddings are such a wonderful time to celebrate with your loved ones! The wedding special works just like the tanning parties, with the exception of amount of guests required. The bride will receive a free tan if at least 3 bridesmaids (not exclusively for bridesmaids, but there needs to be at least 3 people other than the bride) purchase a tan for $25.00. If the bride and groom both decide to get a tan, each will receive a free tan if they have at least 8 guests combined. All guests must be present at the time of the party to be counted as part of the wedding special and receive the wedding price.

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